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Andrew Joron

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Andrew Joron is the author of the poetry collections The Absolute Letter (Flood Editions, 2017), Trance Archive: New and Selected Poems (City Lights Publishers, 2010), The Sound Mirror (Flood Editions, 2008), Fathom (Black Square Editions, 2003), and The Removes (Hard Press, 1999). He teaches creative writing at San Francisco State University in California.

by this poet

Across the stiffening pond, your steps
        send broken branching signals
Faultless as some harp-tuning 
        dedicated to silence: each note
Carries an interior candle of dissonance
        the dark calendar
Marked by a sequence of frozen suns

There is a season deeper than winter
Passing in these
The pilot alone knows
That the plot is missing its

Why isn't this "ominous science" 
   itself afraid, a frayed

Pray, protagonist —
Prey to this series of staggered instants.

Here the optic 
Paints its hole, its self-consuming moment.
It is speech, dispelled, that 
   begs to begin to ache.


Mine to ask a mask to say, A is not A.

No one, ever the contrarian, to answer.

The moon is both divided & multiplied

        by water: as chance, as the plural of chant.

O diver, to be sea-surrounded by a thought bled white—