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Andrea Cohen

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Andrea Cohen

Andrea Cohen received an MFA from the University of Iowa.

She is the author of the poetry collections Unfathoming (Four Way Books, 2017); Furs Not Mine (Four Way Books, 2015), winner of the 2016 Golden Crown Award for Poetry; Kentucky Derby (Salmon Poetry, 2011); Long Division (Salmon Poetry, 2009); and The Cartographer’s Vacation (Owl Creek Press, 1999). 

About her poetry, Tony Hoagland writes, “Cohen’s craft is meticulous, as with her flashlight she prowls and probes, reporting on the emotional transactions of our lives that can only partially be seen. The poetic results are fiercely distinctive and moving.”

Cohen directs the Writers House at Merrimack College and the Blacksmith House Poetry Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Unfathoming (Four Way Books, 2017)
Furs Not Mine (Four Way Books, 2015)
Kentucky Derby (Salmon Poetry, 2011)
Long Division (Salmon Poetry, 2009)
The Cartographer’s Vacation (Owl Creek Press, 1999)

by this poet


I drew the eraser
first because I knew

it better than I knew
myself and because

it had been around
the block before me

and because it would,
after having its way

with me, rub up against
everything I’d ever loved.


We build these
into the dream-

house, holes drilled
into window sills,

so rainy days
drain out. No

dream’s complete
without looking

ahead, without
seeing ourselves

looking back
at who—

we’d been.


for Philip Levine

Donald Justice has died twice:
once in Miami, in the sun, on a Sunday,
and once in Iowa City, on a Friday
in August, which was not without
its own sunif not bright spot.