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Analicia Sotelo

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Analicia Sotelo

Analicia Sotelo is the author of Virgin (Milkweed Editions, 2018), which won the Jake Adam York Prize, and Nonstop Godhead (Poetry Society of America, 2016). Analicia is the director of communications and development at Writers in the Schools and lives in Houston, Texas.

by this poet

We must set this story straight.
We must say there is another angle

to this foreign particle

lodged in my ribs like a small ivory
tiger or a Chinese lamp, the oil

coating my bones. Theseus,
you know you didn't break me.

I was the one who came to you
with a magnifying glass,

needing my Oxford credits

for the
Before this day I loved
like an animal loves a human,
with no way to articulate
how my bones felt in bed
or how a telephone felt so strange
in my paw. O papa—
I called out to no one—
but no one understood. I didn’t
even. I wanted to be caught. Like
let me walk beside you on my favorite leash,
let my