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Lesson Plans for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

As part of your celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in May—and all year round—take a look at this collection of lesson plans featuring poems by Asian American and Pacific American poets.

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Teaching the Vietnam War with Poetry and Archives

The Vietnam War was a turbulent time in American history, with vocal opposition to it on the home front and thousands of Americans in harm's way in Southeast Asia. Though the war ended over forty years ago, it is still difficult to get a clear picture of what happened. The unit below, created as part of a professional development experience for the National Archives, brings poetry together with resources from the archives to help students explore multiple perspectives on the war and its consequences for those it affected directly.



  • Enough slide enclosures for all students (either purchased in a camera store or handmade)

National Archives Photographs & Documents:


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Incredible Bridges: “Peaches” by Adrienne Su

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This lesson plan is part of the series "Incredible Bridges: Poets Creating Community," a project developed by the Academy of American Poets in partnership with EDSITEment, the educational website of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), during the NEH’s 50th anniversary year-long celebration.

Funded by the NEH, “Incredible Bridges” responds to the NEH's initiative The Common Good: The Humanities in the Public Square, which seeks to demonstrate and enhance the role of the humanities in public life.