Each year, we celebrate National Poetry month in the following ways...

  • We launch a signature education project to help teachers and students engage with the art of poetry in a meaningful way. 
  • We commission an artist to create a poster that we distribute free of charge to 100,000 teachers, librarians, and booksellers nationwide. 
  • We provide resources, including downloadable poems, for National Poem in Your Pocket Day.
  • We host range of special events and readings in April, including our star-studded annual Poetry & the Creative Mind.
  • We ensure that poetry gains national attention in the media each April, sending out press releases to editors and journalists across the country. As a result, thousands of articles about poetry appear in newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets.
  • We act as the official clearing house for news and information about National Poetry Month.
  • We offer inspiration and resources for celebrating National Poetry Month on the local level, including tips for teaching poetry during April, creating a poetry book display in your bookstore or library, presenting a poetry reading or contest, and much more.