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Rebecca Wolff
Rebecca Wolff
The founder of the literary journal Fence, Rebecca Wolff's collection Manderley was selected for the 2000 National Poetry Series...
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Experiment in Divination: Voice and Character

by Rebecca Wolff

There is a curiosity that knows
I know

deathless ceiling of unknowing
I know


Who I ask
is changing

all the time

now changed.

How else is one to know

How is one to know how to proceed

the course of action

a non-reflective surface

a playing card on a wooden picnic table
a knot of knowing on a node of playing

How is one to know

How else is one to know how to proceed

How is one to make the motion against

And thereís forever
and thatís a mighty long time.
About this poem:

"This is one of a group or series of 'Experiments in Voice and Character'; it is either the first or the last, I haven't decided, but so far it is the only one that announces its thematic material in its title. The divinatory practice it concerns itself with is the reading of cards; it concerns itself with longing for an answer when we cannot have an answer, the intense longing that provokes a certainty that there is a way of knowing if only we had it. And then we do."

—Rebecca Wolff

Copyright © 2013 by Rebecca Wolff. Used with permission of the author. This poem appeared in Poem-A-Day on August 7, 2013. Browse the Poem-A-Day archive.
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