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Anne Tardos
Anne Tardos
Poet, visual artist, and composer, Anne Tardos is the author of several multilingual collections of poems...
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NINE, 86

by Anne Tardos

The insubstantial and changing quality of space is appreciated.
Intellectual understanding is based on harmless and spontaneous perception.
Supposition gold-digger advocating pleasure—be the laughing stock!
Amber cushion softly evident seagull commentary, we shall prevail.
Tirelessly pedaling along the ever present source of ideas.
Long, drawn-out suffering is not what we're after.
Palpably diligent search for the hidden order in art.
Studying aspects of artistic imagination, the kinds of attention.
Conscious and unconscious scanning of perceptual stress and oscillation.

"86" from NINE. Copyright © 2012 by Anne Tardos. Used with permission of the author.
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