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Donald Revell
Donald Revell
Born in the Bronx in 1954, Donald Revell is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including My Mojave ...
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by Donald Revell

They all wore little hats
Vermont that  I
Can see, the river its coronet
Of yellow beetles—crawling,
Flying—the flowers wearing
The river for a hat.
I can see that 
When I stand alone
Upon this acre as now
Sober and living, the same, the same.

They wore:
They are not dead,
John and Johnny and John,
Which is a fine name for a river,
Only gone.
Having death out of the way,
The ill-fitting suicide discarded,
Pajama-like, on imaginary sand:
Good, good. We stand.

Copyright 2012 by Donald Revell. Used with permission of the author.
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