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Eric Pankey
Eric Pankey
The author of numerous collections of poetry, Eric Pankey's first collection For the New Year won the 1984 Walt Whitman Award...
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Study for Salome Dancing Before Herod

by Eric Pankey

In the movement toward disappearance, 
She is pulled by an undertow of ecstasy.
She wakes in a room where she never fell asleep.
A thousand starlings leaf-out a bare tree.
She wakes in a dusky, tenebrous zone.
Evening on the ridges and in the mountains,
But light still spills on the valley floor.
What transport brought her here?
The shape of gravity embodies a pear on the table.
Here time is the only sovereign.
She is like an arrow slipped from its quiver.

Copyright 2010 by Eric Pankey. Used with permission of the author.
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