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Forrest Gander
Forrest Gander
The author of several collections of poetry, Forest Gander has been called a "restlessly experimental writer"...
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by Forrest Gander

                     for Jean-Luc Mylayne
Or the vision that holds 

at its razorpoint 

the feathers of a bird 

goes blue. Each sleepless-

ness framed, behind,

by this whine

of insects. So a shutter,

lifted, offers 

to looking

the very oracular

interior of that

openness into which bird 

inserts itself. Its song 

shortening when 

there is wind. Comes

the visible and 

its remainder, a

blur, what? Tittering 

at lower and lower 

luminance. That the 

accompaniment might be

sufficiently responsive.

Copyright © 2010 by Forrest Gander. Used with permission of the author.
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