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Poems by Joanie Mackowski
Ants [excerpt]
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View from a Temporary Window

by Joanie Mackowski

Follow the wrecking ball: in a month, it will smash
into this glass

like that housefly. A blueprint unfolds on a table
beside an orchid doubled-

over with white blooms, and out the window, just half a bridge
dives into the front page

of a newspaper the neighbor lifts from her balcony.
Partial to more, we're beckoned

outward, beyond the foundation: and a new picture
window will jut

over the cliff to frame all the Golden Gate's
red seismograph, which cuts

through the fog to the headlands. In a year, in wingback chairs
we'll sit in the air

high above those tiny people strolling
the crumbling sill

down on Bay Street, out there where the orchid's reflection
hovers with a flock of gulls.

From View from a Temporary Window by Joanie Mackowski. Copyright © 2010 by Joanie Mackowski. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press.
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