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Poems by Matthew Shenoda
Somewhere Else
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Donkey Carts and Desolation

by Matthew Shenoda

Dilapidated clapboard shacks 
piles of bricks in the sand 
scratching at the surface of cohesion

Ingenuity is the notion of building
On a foundation made from loss

Out in these arid expanses
where the Red Sea meets the sand
people dream of progress
made from humility 
and the laughter of others
multi-colored dross scatter across the earth 
like foreign shrubbery

We converse in codes of motion
Language signaling daily headway

Advice for the long haul.

From Seasons of Lotus, Seasons of Bone by Matthew Shenoda. Copyright © 2009 by Matthew Shenoda. Used by permission of BOA Editions.
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