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Detail of My Sort of Light

by Ander Monson

Now I know that everything is a body, 
so even the snow and the sand and 
the blood rivered down in the snow, 
and snowed on again so it's buried
is a body. All things are bodies in photos—
detail of the left side of a breast and the arm's
pit—detail of the sled slumbered under 
by the storm's leavings. Detail of my sort 
of so-early half-lit eyelid light that bodies
are near to invisible and touch is no longer
the sole way of knowing, and outline is all 
that there is. Detail of your body as it does 
its morning leaving thing. Detail of what 
light there is on your skin. Detail of land-
scape of let me in please and coffee, warm
when the weather's action on this body is less
than ideal. Landscape with pear. Landscape 
with weather and part of a breast in the frame.

From The Available World by Ander Monson. Copyright © 2010 by Ander Monson. Used by permission of Sarabande Books, Inc.
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