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Medbh McGuckian
Medbh McGuckian
Born in 1950, Medbh McGuckian has published several collections of poetry, including My Love Has Fared Inland (Wake Forest University Press, 2010)...
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Painting by Moonlight

by Medbh McGuckian

It was a bright inviting, freely formed, 
though I suppose it was I who brightened,
with an internal scattering of light,
as though weather maps were more real
than the breath of autumn. 

The low colourfulness
of the broken and dying leaves
was no embrittlement
to every decided colour on the sunlighted grass
and the warm-hued wood of his door. 

But with the dust descending
in the glaring white gap
my backbone pulped and I closed up
like a concertina. 

His tongue was hushed as Christ's lips
or once-red grapes permitting
each touch to spread only
when the turn of the violet comes.

From My Love Has Fared Inland by Medbh McGuckian. Copyright © 2010 by Medbh McGuckian. Used by permission of Wake Forest University Press.
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