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Poems About School


Among the first we learn is good-bye, 
your tiny wrist between Dad's forefinger 
and thumb forced to wave bye-bye to Mom, 
whose hand sails brightly behind a windshield
From "First Gestures" by Julia Spicher Kasdorf

More poems about School:

From "One A.M." by David Young
You'll show that toad-eater who wrote... Night Thoughts

Panty Raid by Terri Ford
It is 1974 and out the institutional open windows...

Pledge by Elizabeth Powell
Republic, your cool hands / On my schoolgirl shoulders...

Messieur Degas Teaches Art and Science at Durfy Intermediate School, Detroit 1942 by Philip Levine

Sentimental Education by Mary Ruefle
Ann Galbraith / loves Barry Soyers...

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All the world's a stage...

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The Junior High School Band Concert by David Wagoner
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The Testing-Tree by Stanley Kunitz
On my way home from school...

Niggerlips by Martín Espada
Niggerlips was the high school name...

Being Jewish in a Small Town by Lyn Lifshin
Someone writes kike on...

Sick by Shel Silverstein

Evening Walk as the School Year Starts by Sydney Lea
When was the last lobotomy, I wonder...

Why Latin Should Still Be Taught in High School by Christopher Bursk
Because one day I grew so bored...

In Michael Robins’s class minus one by Bob Hicok
At the desk where the boy sat, he sees the Chicago River...

Apples by Grace Schulman
Rain hazes a street cart's green umbrella...

The Shout by Simon Armitage
We went out...

Art Class by James Galvin
Let us begin with a simple line...

The Hand by Mary Ruefle
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