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Howard Nemerov
Howard Nemerov
Born on February 29, 1920 in New York, New York, Howard Nemerov displayed an early interest in the arts...
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A Primer of the Daily Round

by Howard Nemerov

A peels an apple, while B kneels to God,
C telephones to D, who has a hand
On Es knee, F coughs, G turns up the sod
For Hs grave, I do not understand
But J is bringing one clay pigeon down
While K brings down a nightstick on Ls head,
And M takes mustard, N drives to town,
O goes to bed with P, and Q drops dead, 
R lies to S, but happens to be heard
By T, who tells U not to fire V
For having to give W the word
That X is now deceiving Y with Z,
     Who happens, just now to remember A
      Peeling an apple somewhere far away.

From New and Selected Poems by Howard Nemerov, published by the University of Chicago Press. Copyright © 1960 by Howard Nemerov. Reprinted with the permission of Margaret Nemerov. All rights reserved.
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