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Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis
Born in 1970, Jordan Davis is the author of a poetry collection and many reviews and essays about poetry...
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A Boat

by Jordan Davis

When I am sitting at my desk and I have feelings
It is like I am the lone passenger in a little boat
On a sunny windy day.  When we are lying down
And we have good feelings it is a speedboat skipping
Like a stone among the islands I feel weíre in.
When we are sitting in bed at five a.m. talking the light
On I donít feel so good I feel like weíre on a ferry
For another six hours going back and up and forth
And down.  At least itís a boat.  When I sit and talk to girls
Someplace I feel like Iím in a maritime museum.
When we walk together to the pool or park itís like
Iím rowing you across to Banff, and when I
Take you in a car to your motherís house, the Bay of Fundy.
At work the coast guard, walking there the merchant 
Marine, me in my pea coat.

Poems from Million Poems Journal, reprinted with permission of Faux Press Books.
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