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Liz Waldner
Liz Waldner
Poet Liz Waldner won the 2000 James Laughlin Award...
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by Liz Waldner

The better to hear
you with, my dear.

Come right
in, prayer.

Let those who have ears to hear, hear.
(Ab. Sourd, bien sûr.)

Of course, of course.
Amo, amas:

He listens.
She glistens.

Dear god, don't
let me use.

Shadows wave. Wane.
Weather, and in that vein,

a work of translation:
shoot up, get high.

Plough the clouds.
Sky furrows, the brow

of night, an evil
thought, a star

especially bright:
anger, just that.

Scat, track, shit, horse
and what'd he just throw in our yard?

Of night, a needle.
Erose, the petal

of the rosary to ring
god's words around.

Erose, those words
in the mouth of night.

where no teeth

Copyright © 2004 by Liz Waldner. Reprinted from Saving the Appearances, published by Ahsahta Press, 2004.
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