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Poems by Marjorie Welish
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Less Music

by Marjorie Welish

This freedom up.
A house difficult of exit, diffident of exit.

This flame up.
The false house, house of faulty entries.

This facade up.
The manifold worries architecture.

This face up.
To the artiface's winding paths we lend our gloss.

This fact up!
This house multicursal and continuous.
Do you desire to disengage the frontispiece of devastating complexity?

The curving house is green.
Do you wish to disappear from an escaping sentence?

Do you wish to forget the manuscript or do you wish to evict the manuscript?
This froth up.
The house ancient of exit, of antecedent impressions.

From Word Group by Marjorie Welish. Copyright © 2004 by Marjorie Welish. Published by Coffee House Press. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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