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Poems by Dan Beachy-Quick
This Nest, Swift Passerine [excerpt]
Heroisms, 4, 5
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Hariot's Round

by Dan Beachy-Quick

     I know, to entice, to convince, I must sing
   Your ear inside stone, must sing
     Gold bitten and true, the corn kernel, one seed, 
       I must plant one gold seed in your mouth with my lips.
Raleigh says: the Queen knows my name. The Crown
       Of a woodpecker is ruby, but shy.
     Inhabitants adorn themselves with feathers, and feathers
   Bright on arrow ends. Bow--before a Queen. Bend closed my book.
The page is deaf that turns back to look at what it found.

From North True South Bright by Dan Beachy-Quick. Copyright © 2003 by Dan Beachy-Quick. Reprinted by permission of Alice James Books. All rights reserved.
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