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Ben Doller
Ben Doller
The author of several collections of poetry, Ben Doller's first collection Radio, Radio was selected for the Walt Whitman Award...
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Single Vision & Newton's Sleep

by Ben Doller

Lick the lights. Everyone 
says that here. Sometimes 
they'll call a spade a shovel, 
hollowing half a hole, 
which is all I have to sleep inside.

There's one

arboretum running 
underground from near here 
to Verisimilitude City. 
I measure the macrocosm 
with miles of mint string. Flossing

the dunning

skins from the incisors of the air. 
The apples in our demi-dreams 
drag themselves from the dirt 
and into the indigo atmosphere. 
Prime Mover, sleep. In the shade


From Radio, Radio by Ben Doyle. Copyright © 2001 by Ben Doyle. Reproduced with permission of Louisiana State University Press. All rights reserved.
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