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Apr 30 2015
Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration

Monroe Library has teamed up with Bus Stop Soda Shop (209 E. Franklin St) in Downtown Monroe to hold their second Annual Poem in Your Pocket Day celebration on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 p.m. Contact Gypsy Houston at 704-283-8184 ext. 232 or for more information.

209 E. Franklin St
28112 Monroe, North Carolina

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There was no water at my grandfather's
when I was a kid and would go for it
with two zinc buckets. Down the path,
past the cow by the foundation where
the fine people's house was before
they arranged to have it burned down.
To the neighbor's cool well. Would
come back with pails too heavy,
so my mouth pulled out
In the moon-fade and the sun’s puppy breath,
  in the crow’s plummeting cry,
in my broken foot and arthritic joints,
                                       memory calls me
to the earth’s opening, the graves dug, again, and again 
I, always I am left
                   to turn away
into a bat’s wing-brush of air

Fuss, fight, and cutting the huckley-buck—Dear Malindy, 
Underground, must I always return to the country of the dead,

To the coons catting about in the trees, the North Carolina pines 
Chattering about sweetening bodies in their green whirring?

Do these letters predict my