“The word stanza means ‘room’ in Italian...and each stanza is like a room in a house, a lyric dwelling place,” writes Edward Hirsch in A Poet’s Glossary. Stanza is now fully furnished with updates throughout the week about our Chancellors and programs, plus new essays, video and audio, lesson plans, and other poetry resources. Click each title below to read more.

Mar 31 2015
Tracy K. Smith

Tracy K. Smith Reads "The Universe as Primal Scream"

If this is it—if this is whatTheir cries are cocked toward—let the skyPass from blue, to red, to molten gold,To black. Let the Heaven we inherit approach.
Mar 27 2015

Dear Poet: C. D. Wright Reads “Like Hearing Your Name Called in a Language You Don’t Understand”

"Since the day the bell was castI have sat in the bishop’s carved chair and waited my turnwith my feet crossed at the ankles, and the leather of my huarachescutting into the hide of my foot."
Mar 25 2015

Dear Poet: Arthur Sze reads “The Chance”

Today’s Dear Poet video features Academy of American Poets Chancellor Arthur Sze, author of nine books of poetry, including Compass Rose (Copper Canyon Press, 2014);The Ginkgo Light (Copper Canyon Press, 2009); and Quipu (Copper Canyon Press, 2005).
Mar 23 2015
Toi Derricotte, Poets Forum, New York City, 2013

Toi Derricotte on Writing Long Poems

“I want to speak in favor of the ordinary paragraph," says Toi Derricotte.