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from The Dogs

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
But the moths find you, phantom.

       & the crackle
       of the javelinas
       in the brush

       old litany
       defiled the doorling
       stood canon toting

So, you know the ground here? Where else 
is new or to you called unknown:

       gumtree tipping
       onto the marsh 
       meadow's shoreline

The apology wends off as smoke ground to 
gravel. So you were here alright, coughing 
on the live tape:

       a canoe's 
       hurt by its name

Fall back with your hands before or behind 
you just so.

Copyright © 2010 by Joshua Marie Wilkinson. Reprinted with permission of the author.

Joshua Marie Wilkinson

by this poet


One boy is a liar & says there's a block of salt under his bed to draw deer in from the orchard. One boy says the pantry wall will open if you say an untold anagram of his name. One boy is already dressed when he wakes up for his young father's wedding. One boy hides a turtle from his brothers in a dresser



Even if only in photographs—
a laundry truck, seconds after.
Phone in the apartment ringing
above the accident & a coroner
careful enough to stay speechless
until the wind picks up
& the passersby can smell simply
the blood, like fresh wood or