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Automatic Teller Machine

Ben Mirov
If you work at a steady rate
you may reach the river by nightfall
and if you have the will

a canoe will be waiting 
by the ash factory 
for you to take upstream

to the takoyaki shack
where you can eat delicious food
and drink as much beer as you like

until late into the night.
In other words you have 
your whole life ahead of you

and no one can tell you 
what to do or how to act
or what to say or anything

said the machine in the wall
before dispensing my receipt 
in a tiny wadded ball.

Copyright © 2012 by Ben Mirov. Used with permission of the author.

Ben Mirov

by this poet


There is nothing in my head today.
I think about you everyday.
My head full of blckkk glsss

My head full of bllllk sound.