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Selected by kesleypro

This notebook is about the problems and the solutions that come with sports.
Poems about Anonymity and Loneliness
Selected by Billy Merrell

Here is a sampling of poems that deal with loneliness, anonymity, and solitary thought.
Alvaro's Favorite Poems
Selected by zapoteco

Vegetable Poems
Selected by plegault

Loved, hated, but never ignored, vegetables are a daily necessity.
From a dream..
Selected by sofialopez

This is all about dreams... dreams we all have sleeping or even when you are awake.
Poetic Toolbox
Selected by reg201189

Favorite Poems
Selected by jschneider

Bolts of Melody
Selected by Jim_Jordan

Heavily influenced by poets such as Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, Billy Collins.
Harlem Renaissance
Selected by Michael Morris

Natural By Desgn
Selected by Gladys Acosta-Melendez


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Judys favorite poems
Selected by JudyAsman

My love for you.
Selected by jgayles

Poems depicting the journey of falling for you. Also describing the first pure love of two souls.
Sylvia Plath
Selected by Woolfian

Dying is an art . . . .
Poems for Sakai Students
Selected by Kathy Ellison

12r poetry
Selected by siv

Under The Influence
Selected by omega1

Here are the poets who have a feel for the real deal. No loose tongues. Poems are short.
The Art of POE-try
Selected by Salvatore DiGaetano Jr.

Another side of Ernest Hemingway
Selected by Salvatore DiGaetano Jr.

Library of Me
Selected by MsBecky

A Man Name Charles Bukowski
Selected by Salvatore DiGaetano Jr.

Immensely Enjoyed Poems
Selected by iparker

7th Grade Curriculum
Selected by theturnip

Poems Rediscovered and Discovered
Selected by nicoji

Poems I know and love—and poems new to me.
Poetry Unit 1
Selected by R.Rodgers

Sem AP Lit
Selected by SemAPLit

AP Lit @ Sem
The Story which was never complete
Selected by rishi14

Story ended long back but i m still standing at dat position only waiting for some miracle to happen
English 150
Selected by youngsms

Selected by MckaylaD.

A delightful medley of different poets that includes Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, and Maya Angelou.
English 10 Poems
Selected by catetill

Poems appropriate for 10th grade.
English 7 poems
Selected by catetill

7th grade level
rosered84's notebook
Selected by rosered84

R.Childe and The Reality.
Selected by Michael Childe

Genevieve's Pearls and Rubies
Selected by gennee

poem a day faves
Selected by dfeerick

Classicalite's National Poetry Month Chapbook
Selected by LoganKYoun

A collection of verse that has inspired jazz...and classical music, too.
kristens notebook
Selected by kristenfar

Selected by jessig

Farm Life and Farm Animals
JR's Legit Stuff
Selected by DanSmith2

Katie's Notebook
Selected by kmeyersrow

Notebook 1
Selected by jbaber7224

On Teaching: Dedicated to All My Students
Selected by Gladys Acosta-Melendez

A collection of poems devoted to teaching, learning and just being in the now.
National Poetry Month 2013
Selected by rusalka

My Castle Heart Poem Share
Selected by MyCastle

Selected by tygerfire

JoyAnne O'Donnell favorite poems
Selected by JoyAnne O'Donnell

I love the ocean especially with poetry
Selected by jehan

live your poem
Selected by rubylee

what i like
poetry list
Selected by iqman14

ms.handler p.2
Pablo Neruda
Selected by Debi B

Maya Angelou
Selected by Debi B

Poems for Deal Students
Selected by helsabeckr

Selected by Debi B

Jim Notebook1
Selected by Jim Clay

Selected by baroque

ENG 104 Poetry Anthology
Selected by youngsms

Love + Lust
Selected by avivajazz

Self as Worthy of Life
Selected by avivajazz

Out of the Blue
Selected by RianaGatch

Dream Focus 223
Selected by elizcald

If Life Goes On 223
Selected by myaple

Poetry: Not my thing. 223
Selected by macek

Reflections of Great Poets 223
Selected by jackbutz37

Identity, Self, & Perception 223
Selected by Anna Sink

223 A soldier's life
Selected by mitch93rh

Zubendium - 223
Selected by eppigd

eppigd's anthology.
Life of a Tree 223
Selected by Writestuff

The Innocence of Grace 223
Selected by MyGrace

It Depends on the Wind English 223 Ian Rosoff
Selected by isrosoff

Poems that look at relationships in the context of the wind and cold.
Mein Gedankengang durch Gedichte 223
Selected by PhilArth

Cosmic insignificance, politics, social nuances, identity, and love
Shredding Skin
Selected by adbluford

We grow old before we know. 223.
Selected by vahid Arefi

A collection of poems about death, youth, and growing old.
Dorian Grazy ENGLISH 223
Selected by DorianGra

Not available at this time.
I Named Her--Annette Notebook
Selected by muther1

cool shit
Selected by mamakutti

Selected by RSForste

"To Infinity and Beyond"
Selected by CWRianna

Random, in short.
Selected by cwnoreen

Selected by cwjohndon

in places left behind
Selected by CW-Carmela

Paracosmic Illusions
Selected by CW-Shandy

Selected by CW_Ina

dream - dream - dream - dream until to the end draws nigh to wake up and breath high
Through the Tunnel
Selected by CWAIka

Without words
Selected by CW-Ana

Ezra Pound
Selected by Margaret Fisher

Ezra Pound composed music to explore the "duration rhyme," inspired by Villon's poetry.
Francois Villon
Selected by Margaret Fisher

Pound's use of "duration rhymes" are a result of his study of Villon's poetry.
Brenden's Notebook
Selected by bmurph2

Life as We Know It
Selected by Ttemme

"To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"
Selected by tstone95

Perfer et Obdura; Dolor hic tibi proderit olim
Selected by val361492

Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you
Selected by Louden Clear

Eng 10 Honors Poetry Project
Selected by Jennifer Daniel

Selected by tnm357026

Poems in the Attic
Selected by Gladys Acosta-Melendez

Poems describe landscapes and spaces. From an attics's viewpoint inspiration can be drawn.
Animal Poems
Selected by bobthym

A List of Animal Poems for the Young and Old
Selected by kayceking

Sports are my life.
Mr. Buck's Poetry Anthology
Selected by NealBuck

Selected by LBickford

Beyond the known world
Selected by jmurray134

Its about aliens :D
Forever Young!
Selected by Yvonne13

Enjoyable poems for teens
jfishes thoughts
Selected by jfish

Random Poems
Selected by joe.smith

These are poems that have helped me.
Selected by Boudyreau

I have always loved to play sports and that's why I chose to make my notebook about sports.

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