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from EXAQUA [I've begun to grow fatigued.]

I've begun to grow fatigued. I've learned that writing poems is possible and

Maid Poem #7: HR

At the Maid Museum we honor the many who have cooked meals in other people’s 

Ring Burial, 34

Anti-determinative, interminable, incomplete—the poem has nothing to do with truth or value.

Time of Tyranny, 50

Birds hatch, eggs are laid, nests are built, trees branch, seeds

Time of Tyranny, 49

We live in toppled times under a feat of tyranny; let's not

Benjamin Bards: A Poetry Workshop

Join us once a month for a free discussion based workshop for poets of all skill levels from teens to adults. Learn about forms and techniques, read and study published authors, and bring and share your own works for constructive criticism. Each month will focus on different topics or give you a chance to work on revisions. To register call 336-373-7540.

A Human of Mars, 36

               Arise, rice: I tend a rose: a rose and I.


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