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Revival: A Monthly Literary Arts Spotlight

"Revival: A Monthly Literary Arts Spotlight" will feature poets & writers María Luisa Arroyo, Jasmine Jina Ortiz, Shane Robitaille, Marilyn Márquez, Eilish Thompson, and Alvilda Sophia Anaya-Alegría.

Open Mic after intermission. Books for sale by authors. Audience members (18+) warmly welcomed to this reading.

Curated and hosted by María Luisa Arroyo, Springfield's Poet Laureate (2014-2016).

For more information: www.marialuisaarroyo.com

Next Year's Words: National Poetry Month edition

Wild, witty Anne Gorrick Lori Anderson Moseman and inspiring and inspired Kate Hymes summons the rhythms of her unheard southern ancestor

Also featuring some special open mic readings by NYW founders and stalwarts: Timothy Brennan, Susan Chute, Kim Ellis and Br. John Forbis.

Ten Poets

Ten poets, with both national and local recognition, will take our stage and read from their highly-acclaimed work, offering a sampling of what is happening in the world of poetry both in the Seattle scene and beyond. Their work spans a diverse array of styles, techniques, forms, and subject matter. Featured poets include Laura Da', Kathleen Flenniken, Lily Myers, Michael Schmeltzer, Colleen Louise Barry, and more.


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