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April 25, 2004
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Poets.org lets users build their own personal online "commonplace books" out of the materials on our site. Browse Poets.org Notebooks already curated by readers like you.

The Notebooks feature serves as a scrapbook, allowing you to store links to items on the site that you want to keep track of, such as poems, biographies, upcoming events, and audio clips. You can create as many Notebooks as you want, with a descriptive name for each—"My favorite poems," for example, or "Materials for English 101"—and protect them all with one user name and password. Teachers have used the Notebooks feature in the classroom, creating assignments around materials found on Poets.org. By adding these materials to a notebook and sharing the user name and password, students can access them more easily.

As you browse through the site, you will see "Add to my Notebook" links on pages with certain types of content—poet bios, poems, audio clips, and events. If you click the "add" link while you're logged into the site, the item in question will be added to your Notebook. It's better than bookmarking links in your browser because you can take it with you: log in from any computer to access your saved links. (Please note: our Notebooks are not intended to store original text, except for short descriptions of the contents of each "book"; our server is not nearly large enough to store a million people's poems.)

To set up a Poets.org Notebook, register today.

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