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Family: Poems for Kids


June 12, 2017


for Children
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The following poems about family are appropriate for young people.

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The Ecchoing Green” by William Blake
The sun does arise…

América” by Richard Blanco
Although Tía Miriam boasted she discovered…
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Translation for Mamá” by Richard Blanco
What I’ve written for you, I have always written…
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Knoxville, Tennessee” by Nikki Giovanni
I always like summer…
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We All Return to the Place Where We Were Born” by Oscar Gonzales
What remains of my childhood…
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Remember” by Joy Harjo
Rememvber the sky that you were born under…
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Cotton Candy” by Edward Hirsch
We walked on the bridge over the Chicago River...
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A Perfect Game” by Yesenia Montilla
To this day I still remember sitting…

Daughters, 1900” by Marilyn Nelson
Five daughters, in the slant light on the porch…

His Speed and Strength” by Alicia Ostriker
His speed and strength, which is the strength of ten…
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Refugio’s Hair” by Alberto Ríos
In the old days of our family…
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Some Things Don’t Make Any Sense at All” by Judith Viorst
My mom says I’m her sugarplum…

Kissing in Vietnamese” by Ocean Vuong
My grandmother kisses…

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