In 1981, Wyoming established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Eugene M. Gagliano, who was appointed to a two-year term in 2016. Gagliano is the author of two books of poetry, including the collection of children's poems My Teacher Dances on the Desk (Sleeping Bear Press, 2009), and is the recipient of the International Reading Association's 2004 Wyoming State Literacy Award.

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I saw the hawk ride updraft in the sunset over Wyoming.
It rose from coniferous darkness, past gray jags
Of mercilessness, past whiteness, into the gloaming
Of dream-spectral light above the lazy purity of snow-snags.

There—west—were the Tetons.  Snow-peaks would soon be
In dark profile to break constellations

Dear train wreck, dear terrible engines, dear spilled freight,
          dear unbelievable mess, all these years later I think
          to write back. I was not who I am now. A sail is a boat,
          a bark is a boat, a mast is a boat and the train was you and me.
          Dear dark, dear


Ed Trafton turns from the shimmering water
of Shoshone Lake to the first of fifteen tourist coaches,
pulls the black silk neckerchief up the bridge of his nose,
plants himself in the road and says, “Please step out
and come this way.” Black is so hot. “Drop your valuables
on the blanket.”