In 2000, Wisconsin established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Karla Huston, who was appointed to a two-year term in 2017. Hutson is the author of the poetry collection A Theory of Lipstick (Main Street Rag, 2013), which received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Wisconsin Library Association.

Oscar Mireles was named poet laureate of Madison, Wisconsin, in 2016. Mireles will serve a two-year term.

In 2017, Roberto Harrison was named poet laureate of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harrison will also serve a two-year term.

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In Milwaukee it is snowing

on the golden statue 

of the 1970s television star

whose television house

was in Milwaukee 

and also on the Comet Cafe

and on the white museum 

the famous Spanish architect 

built with a glass 

elevator through it

and a room with a button

that when you press it

makes two



A soap-opera rising and sinking of bodies,

melt of glaciers, flamboyant sculpture of waves—

west wind at thirty knots

this serial archipelago the drama of centuries.

Forgotten Steamboat Island



After skimming the Sunday Times, Dad turned to the back of the magazine
and tore out the crossword puzzle for his mother in Wisconsin—

as routine as my calligraphy class on Saturdays, flute practice
exactly twenty minutes on school nights

and astringent twice daily. I loved