Rhode Island

In 1987, Rhode Island established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Tina Cane, who was appointed to a five-year term in 2016. Cane is the founder and director of Writers-in-the-Schools, Rhode Island, and is the author of Once More with Feeling (Veliz Books, 2017).

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Poetry in Rhode Island
Tina Crane. Photo credit: Mike Salerno.
Rhode Island poet laureate

Tina Cane

Tina Cane is the author of Once More with Feeling (Veliz Books, 2017). She is the founder and director of Writers-in-the-Schools, Rhode Island. She...


Like the Beatles arriving from Britain,
the egret's descent on the pond
takes the reeds and visitors by storm:
it is a reconstructed marsh
environment, the next
best thing to living out your wild life.


Footbridges love the past.
And like the Roman questioner who learned
"the whole of the


A hope of leaves and hollows,
a breaking nest, a crest of granite
and unquarried moss. It’s soft
wintering a shade between green
and gray. The hope of colors for
which there is no word develops and
then fades. Uncaptured and un-impressed
in a kind of precision in

Here at the seashore they use the clouds over & over
again, like the rented animals in Aïda.
In the late morning the land breeze
turns and now the extras are driving
all the white elephants the other way.
What language are the children shouting in?
He is lying on the beach listening.

The sand knocks