The current state poet laureate of Oklahoma is Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, appointed in 2017. Mish is the author of three poetry collections, most recently What I Learned at the War (West End Press, 2016). She is the recipient of several awards, including the Oklahoma Book Award and the WILLA from Women Writing the West. Mish is currently the editor of Mongrel Empire Press and serves as program director and professor of English at Oklahoma City University.

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Oct 21 2017
Nimrod Conference for Readers and Writers

Jon Nimrod International Journal for an all-day writing conference with workshops in fiction, poetry, memoir, mystery, young adult fantasy, and romance, as well as finding a literary agent. The day also includes one-on-one editing sessions with the Nimrod board of editors, novel pitch critique sessions, readings, and panel discussions. Key guests include fiction writers Laura van den Berg, author of FIND ME, and Keija Parssinen, author of THE UNRAVELING OF MERCY LOUIS; poet Jericho Brown, author of PLEASE; memoir writer Sasha Martin, author of LIFE FROM SCRATCH: A MEMOIR OF FOOD, FAMILY, and FORGIVENESS; mystery writer Deborah Crombie, author of GARDEN OF LAMENTATIONS; young adult writer Tessa Gratton, author of THE LOST SUN; romance writer Tessa Dare, author of DO YOU WANT TO START A SCANDAL; literary agent Alexa Stark of Trident Media Group; and over thirty other writers and editors. 

The cost of the workshop is $60. Scholarships are also available for students and teachers.

For more information, contact Nimrod at 918-631-3080, nimrod@utulsa.edu or visit the website: www.utulsa.edu/nimrod.

10:30am to 5:30pm
440 S Gary Ave.
74104 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Oct 20 2017
Nimrod Write Night

Join Nimrod International Journal for Nimrod Write Night, the opening night for our Conference for Readers and Writers. Write Night features an Author Reception and special Author Chat, reading, and book signing with poet Jericho Brown, winner of the American Book Award and author of PLEASE and THE NEW TESTAMENT, and fiction writer Laura van den Berg, Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award finalist and author of FIND ME and THE ISLE OF YOUTH

For more information, contact Nimrod at 918-631-3080, nimrod@utulsa.edu or visit the website: www.utulsa.edu/nimrod.

7:30pm to 9:30pm
2435 S Peoria Ave.
74114 Tulsa, Oklahoma

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A man staring at a small lake sees
His father cast light line out over
The willows.  He's forgotten his 
Father has been dead for two years
And the lake is where a blue fog
Rolls, and the sky could be, if it
Were black or blue or white,
The backdrop of all attention.

He wades out to join the father,
Sometimes I'm so lachrymose I forget I was there
with my darling—I call her my darling to make her
more anonymous, so she can't take up all the space
in my brain. But please, can I continue, or must I

look away from such openness, those spools of light
bringing red and fine threads of silver to her
A youngest brother turns seventeen with a click as good as a roar,
finds the door and is gone.
You listen for that small sound, hear a memory.
The air-raid sirens howled of summer tornadoes, the sound

thrown back against the scattered thumbs
of grain silos and the open Oklahoma plains
like the warning wail of