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Jul 20 2016
Jersey City Slam: Fundraising Gala 2016

The Jersey City Fundraising Gala is a meet and greet event, where the community can get to know and party with the poets. Bring your dancing shoes, DJ Woo will be spinning!

All money raised will help the Jersey City Slam Team pay for their travel and lodging expenses at the National Poetry Slam.

In August, teams from all over North America will converge in Decatur, GA for the National Poetry Slam. This competition is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for poets, and Jersey City Slam is sending a team for the sixth year in a row!

The team: John Burke, Theron Jenkins, Ann Marie Manso, Erin Anastasia, Chris Rodriguez, and coaches Mark Skrzypczak and Rashad Wright.

Jersey City Slam was founded in 2010 and has since become a pillar in New Jersey's poetry community. JC Slam provides a platform for New Jersey's best poets to showcase their skills and talents on a national level. It also is a way for the community to connect to Jersey City's vibrant and thriving art community. By putting the power in the hands of the judges picked at random from the audience, JC Slam lets the community decide who represents Jersey City at the annual National Poetry Slam, Women of the World Poetry Slam, and the Individual World Poetry Slam. Jersey City Slam hosts live events that offer local performers the chance to participate in open mics and judge slam poets' performances.

Pre sale discount tickets available on Eventbrite: 

150 Bay Street
07302 Jersey City, New Jersey

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I sit by the window and watch a great mythological bird go down in flames. In fact, it’s a kite the neighborhood troublemaker has set on fire. Twenty-one and still living at home, deciding when to cut through a screen and chop us into little pieces. “He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” his mother would say, as they packed our

It's the fern beyond the wind, the classic
Eruptions.  Night is a funnel that is overcome.
Violence of signs beyond the pale. Stasis
Has its own way, the hard work, the violence. 
Convalesce, convalesce in the green green
World, in which you could hardly walk,
But that was before, before life set its rhythms