The current poet laureate of the state of Maine is Stuart Kestenbaum, who began his five-year term in 2016. Kestenbaum is the author of four books of poetry, the most recent being Only Now (Deerbrook Editions, 2014). His work has been featured in several literary magazines, including The Sun and The Belroit Poetry Journal, and he has read his work on Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac. Kestenbaum was the director of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine, for twenty-seven years, and is currently the chair of the American Craft Council.

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Apr 30 2018
Open Mic Poetry Night

In honor of National Poetry Month, Lithgow is hosting an open mic poetry night. Join us for an exciting evening of featured poetry groups from around the state, including the Maine Poets Society, the Pondtown Poets, and Port Veritas. Come hear original poetry from Nathan Amadan, Ann Carter, Sally Joy, Sarah Miller, Susan Parks, and many more! We’ll also open up the floor for anyone who would like to share their own poetry or read a favorite poem. This event may have strong language and mature content that is not appropriate for children.

45 Winthrop Street
04330 Augusta , Maine

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It's summer, 1956, in Maine, a camp resort 
on Belgrade Lakes, and I am cleaning fish, 
part of my job, along with luggage, firewood, 
Sunday ice cream, waking everyone 
by jogging around the island every morning 
swinging a rattle I hold in front of me 
to break the nightly spider threads. 
Adlai Stevenson is

           Once out of the box
           The wooden box
           The metal box
           The box, the box, the box
           Dragged up from the salt

           Things don't feel too bad

           And then they do

           And then they don't

(And waves)

It is very high, and notched in places, so that there is the appearance to one at sea, as of seven or eight mountains extending along near each other. The summit of most of them is destitute of trees… I named it Île des Monts Déserts. 
—Samuel de Champlain, 1604


When Samuel de Champlain