District of Columbia

Appointed Poet Laureate of the District of Columbia on May 14, 1999, Dolores Kendrick follows Sterling A. Brown as the second poet honored with the title.

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Your door is shut against my tightened face,
And I am sharp as steel with discontent;
But I possess the courage and the grace
To bear my anger proudly and unbent.
The pavement slabs burn loose beneath my feet,
And passion rends my vitals as I pass,
A chafing savage, down the decent street;
Where boldly shines
It was the summer of Chandra Levy, disappearing
       from Washington D.C., her lover a Congressman, evasive
              and blow-dried from Modesto, the TV wondering

in every room in America to an image of her tight jeans and piles
       of curls frozen in a studio pose. It was the summer the only
Ah, not this marble, dead and cold:  
Far from its base and shaft expanding—the round zones circling, 
Thou, Washington, art all the world's, the continents' entire— 
         not yours alone, America, 
Europe's as well, in every part, castle of lord or laborer's cot,  
Or frozen