In 1985, Connecticut established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Margaret Gibson, who was appointed to a three-year term in 2019. Gibson is the author of twelve poetry collections, most recently Not Hearing the Wood Thrush (LSU Press, 2018).

Frederick-Douglass Knowles II was named poet laureate of Hartford, Connecticut in 2018. Knowles will serve a three-year term.

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Poetry in Connecticut
Dick Allen
Connecticut poet laureate

Dick Allen

Born in Troy, New York, on August 8, 1939, Dick Allen is the author of eight poetry collections, including Present Vanishing (Sarabande Books, 2008...



Not vistas, but a home-sized landscape,
beloved rooms storied, painted, lived.
A farm bought with a painting
and a ten dollar personal check.
And almost from the beginning,
the intention to pass on
what an artist sees, what artists make.
A parcel of land, a vast legacy.

Even the sky here in Connecticut has it,
That wry look of accomplished conspiracy,
The look of those who've gotten away

With a petty but regular white collar crime.
When I pick up my shirts at the laundry,
A black woman, putting down her Daily News,

Wonders why and how much longer our luck
Will hold.  "


Among twenty snowy mountains,
The only moving thing
Was the eye of the blackbird.


I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three blackbirds.


The blackbird whirled in the autumn winds.
It was a small part