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The designation "Objectivist" was made in 1931 when Louis Zukofsky edited the February issue of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse at the urging of Ezra Pound.

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William Matthews 1942-1997 Objectivists
George Oppen 1908-1984 Objectivists
Kenneth Rexroth 1905-1982 Objectivists, San Francisco Renaissance, Beat, Jazz Poetry
Louis Zukofsky 1904-1978 Objectivists
Lorine Niedecker 1903-1970 Objectivists
Basil Bunting 1900-1985 Objectivists
Charles Reznikoff 1894-1976 Objectivists
William Carlos Williams 1883-1963 Imagism, Metaphysical Poet, Modernism, Objectivists