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Jul 23 2017

Read and Feed

Basilica Hudson and the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses‘s festival of literature and food returns with a new time, a new ticket price and a genre-spanning day of affordable food and literary activities.
Celebrate the life and work of a Hudson Valley poetry legend, as we commemorate John Ashbery’s 90th birthday.
Join a superstar collection of authors, food writers and chefs for mouthwatering demonstrations,  literary performances and novel conversations.
Browse a marketplace of some of America’s most intriguing small literary publishers and artisanal food makers.
An all-star, twenty person marathon reading of John Ashbery’s Girls on the Run
A gathering of poetry luminaries – including Ann Lauterbach, Robert Polito, Joan Retallack, and Dara Wier – explaining How to Love Reading Ashbery
Whiting Award-winning poetry superstars Simone White and LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs performing and talking poetry, food and music, while cooking up collard greens & salmon cakes
The Ashbery Bridge: a multimedia talk on poetry and public art by poet, Rain Taxi publisher and book festival director Eric Lorberer, formerly presented at The Walker Art Center and elsewhere
Food and Readings
Celebrated cookbook author and restaurateur Rozanne Gold, in conversation with literary chefs Rohan Kamicheril, Matt Lee, Susan Simon and Lukas Volger, who will talk food, memory and the senses
Cooking masterclasses from “Barb the Butcher” (Barbara Fisher), teaching attendees how to make sausages, and Rohan Kamicheril, making a tantalizing South Indian pounded rice delicacy
Special Installations
A private Weepy Booth in association with the much-loved Crybabies podcast, in which presenters Sarah Thyre and Susan Orlean and special guests regale listeners with the things that make us teary
Marketplace and Community Cafe:
Delicious and affordable South Indian cuisine created by Rohan Kamicheril of the popular Tiffin food blog in READ & FEED’S brand-new Community Café
A marketplace of local, independent literary publishers including Mosaic and Siglio, and artisanal food vendors, including Chaseholm Farm and State 11 Distillery
Admission fee: $15.00
Basilica Hudson
110 S Front St
12534 Hudson, New York
Jul 25 2017

u35: July (Mass Poetry Reading)

GennaRose Nethercott is a poet, performer, and folklorist from the woodlands of Vermont, currently living in Somerville, MA. Her recent work has appeared in The Offing, Rust + Moth, Cleaver, Hermeneutic Chaos, and Maudlin House, among others. She writes poems-to-order for passersby on a 1952 Hermes Rocket typewriter, a collection of which was released by Honeybee Press in 2015. 
Joey Gould has volunteered for the Massachusetts Poetry Festival since 2011. He is nominated for Bettering American Poetry 2016 & his work appears or is forthcoming at Drunk Monkeys, Golden Walkman, Five:2:One, & District Lit. In his spare time he builds decks & makes whistling noises, often at the same time. 
Kurt Klopmeier is a Boston writer and adjunct at UMass - Boston and Northeastern. He has been published in Apt, Amethyst Arsenic, Consequence Magazine, and Damfino.
Trident Booksellers & Cafe
338 Newbury St.
02115 Boston, Massachusetts
Jul 25 2017

Out From Calaboose: New Poems featuring Karen Corinne Herceg

Karen Corinne Herceg, poet, author, essayist and reviewer, reads from her new book OUT FROM CALABOOSE: NEW POEMS.  Open mic sign-up at 7:30 PM.

"Clutching her vision firmly in hand, Karen Corinne Herceg paints her inner world in such a vivid fashion that I was compelled to submerge myself in Out From Calaboose completely, and then not surface at all until I put down the last poem.” --Linda Gray Sexton, bestselling novelist and author of Searching for Mercy Street: My Journey Back To My Mother, Anne Sexton

Club Harmony at Wok and Roll Cafe
15 Mill Hill Road
12498 Woodstock, New York
Jul 29 2017 to Jul 30 2017

A Poet's Corner

Calling all poets.  Poetry and accoustic guitar.

9:30pm to 2:00am
Il Piccolo Verde
140 S Barrington Pl
90049 Los Angeles, California
Jul 30 2017

Meredith Trede at NYCPoFest on Governors Island

Meredith Trede will be joining two other Slapering Hol Press poets, Mervyn Taylor and Estha Weiner, at the NYCPoFest on Governors Island, Algonquin Stage on July 30, 2017 @ 12:00 noon.

Governors Island
New York Harbor
10004 New York, New York


Once when the moon was out about three-quarters
and the fireflies who are the stars
of backyards
were out about three-quarters
and about three-fourths of all the lights
in the neighborhood
were on because people can be at home,
I took a not so innocent walk
out amongst the lawns,
navigating by the light of

Then we are in the back seat of a car kissing
           not the light kind but one where our
    hands are on each other’s cheeks holding
                 each other’s heads as if they will fall

off why does so much love come at the beginning
           then disappear then once again at


No time is this for hands long overworn
To task their strength; and (unto Him be praise
Who giveth quietness!) the stress and strain
Of years that did the work of centuries
Have ceased, and we can draw our breath once more
Freely and full. So, as yon harvesters
Make glad their