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Jul 28 2018

Third Annual Chicago Poetry Block Party

Join us for a FREE all ages event celebrating the arts and the people that make Chicago beautiful! The annual Chicago Poetry Block Party (CPBP) brings together poetry, music, art and community all on one stage. Guests can participate in writing workshops, visual art activities, poetry readings, games, and musical performances for a summertime experience unlike any other. Enjoy performances by Tasha, Brandon Markell Holmes, Danez Smith, avery r. young, and the CPBP House Band. Share your work during an open mic session and hear talented, up-and-coming poets from across the country will perform their work.
The event is hosted by Poetry Foundation, Crescendo Literary, Austin Town Hall, and the Chicago Park District.
Austin Town Hall
5610 W Lake St
60644 Chicago, Illinois


As of
A meteor
At mid-
Day: it goes
From there.

A perfect circle falls
Onto white imperfections.
(Consider the black road,
How it seems white the entire
Length of a sunshine day.)

Or I could say
Shadows and mirage
Compensate the world, 
Completing its changes
With no change.

In the morning after a

    No, I don't know

the way to get there.
    Two empty suitcases sit in the corner,
if that's any kind of clue.


    This spring night,

everyone at the party
    younger than me
except for one man.
    We give each other the secret password.


    Tears? Of course, but also the

I like to be alone in someone else’s house,
practicing my cosmic long distance wink.
I send it out toward a mirror
some distracted bored cosmonaut dropped
on an asteroid hurtling vastly
closer to our star. No one watches
me watching thousands
of television hours, knitting