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Virginie Lalucq

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Virginie Lalucq was born in Paris on May 8, 1975. She is the author of Fortino Sámano, with Jean-Luc Nancy (Galilée, 2004), and Couper les tiges (Act Mem/Comp’act, 2001). The Center for the Study of Poetry in Lyons says of Lalucq’s work: “A certain desire to experiment characterizes her work, a desire that translates most clearly in the number of collaborative performance and writing projects in which she has engaged, and the diversity of the source materials on which she draws in her poetry.” A founding member of the editorial collective for the journal Nioques, Lalucq is currently a librarian at the National Foundation of the Political Sciences in Paris, where she lives.

by this poet

How can he be absolutely in motion and
absolutely motionless at the same time?
Is it because, far from his place, he seeks
absolutely to return there? Or to occupy it
A body in motion sometimes leaves traces 
in motionless bodies. From which the snowy
image: each thing in its place is absolutely in