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Tadeusz Różewicz

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Tadeusz Różewicz, born October 9, 1921, was a Polish modernist poet who authored numerous books, including the cross-genre Mother Departs (Stork Press, 2013), which was awarded the 2000 Nike Prize, Poland’s most prestigious literary award. Różewicz, one of Poland’s most distinguished pets, was also the recipient of the Prix Européen de Littérature, among other international honors. He died in Wrocław, Poland, on April 24, 2014.

by this poet

Lasciate ogni speranza
Voi ch'entrate

abandon all hope
ye who enter here

the inscription at the entrance to the inferno
of Dante's Divine Comedy


behind that gate 
there is no hell

hell has been dismantled
by theologians
and deep psychologists

converted into allegory