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Peg Boyers

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Peg Boyers is executive editor of Salmagundi magazine and the author of To Forget Venice (University of Chicago Press, 2014). She teaches poetry workshops at Skidmore College and the New York Summer Writers Institute.


by this poet

At eleven I learned to lie.
Disobedience and its partner,
deception, became my constant companions.

How enormous then that first transgression,
against Father's command, a sin damning as Adam's:
walking to school alone.

We all lied, mother explained,
it was. . .necessario.
How else to survive

My tail of colored feathers
hangs matted
closed behind me

It weighs me down

In this wet darkness
I can neither
dance nor fly

This darkness
weighs me down

No one here
to see my splendor

My only company
the relentless rain  

we fall