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Nicole Callihan

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Nicole Callihan

Nicole Callihan is the author, most recently, of The Deeply Flawed Human (Deadly Chaps, 2016) and SuperLoop (Sock Monkey Press, 2014). She teaches at New York University and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

by this poet


Our paper house sat
on the banks of the red river

and though mother
wasn’t like other mothers

I was like other girls
trapped and lonely

and painting pictures
in the stars. I was slick

with old birth or early longing,
already halfway between

who I wanted to be


I walked to the end of the pier
and threw your name into the sea,
and when you flew back to me—
a silver fish—I devoured you,
cleaned you to the bone. I was through.
But then you came back again:
as sun on water. I reached for you,
skimmed my hands over the light of you.