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Michele Glazer

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Michele Glazer

Michele Glazer is the author of On Tact, & the Made Up World (University of Iowa Press, 2010). She teaches in and directs the MFA program at Portland State University and lives in Portland, Oregon.

by this poet

The weather forecast that snow would fall from the sky.

(The architecture of snow was like the architecture

of the storm itself, and of the landscape.)

The weather forecast was that snow would fall.

We are like snow he said.

She understood her heart was cold.

And that if the walls could not

Where ducks sat we sat next

And wanted to be Dutch.

If we would walk upright and not

Glance right or left the intersections

Would not come at us

Sideways, is what we thought.

But after a time it is hard

To keep feeling you are making this the best time

To look back on