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Matthew Thorburn

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Matthew Thorburn

Matthew Thorburn was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. He received a BA from the University of Michigan and an MFA from The New School.

Thorburn is the author of Dear Almost (Louisiana State University Press, 2016), This Time Tomorrow (Waywiser, 2013), Every Possible Blue (WordTech Communications, 2012), and Subject To Change (New Issues, 2004).

The poet Al Maginnes writes, “Thorburn finds room for food and prayer, for work and love, for keen observation of the twin worlds we inhabit, the one inside us and the one where our daily lives take place.”

Thorburn is a recipient of the Witter Bynner Fellowship from the Library of Congress. He works in corporate communications and lives in New York City.

Dear Almost (Louisiana State University Press, 2016)
This Time Tomorrow (Waywiser, 2013)
Every Possible Blue (WordTech Communications, 2012)
Subject To Change (New Issues, 2004)


by this poet


The amazing thing is not
that geese can get sucked
into an Airbus engine
and cause it to conk out
or that a pilot can tell air


Dusk in August—
which means nearly
nine o’clock here, deep
in the heart of central
Jersey—and the deer
step out to graze
the backyards. They tear
each yellowy red
tulip cup, munch up
and azaleas. Fifty
years of new houses
have eaten into


The lead dog was called Gandy.
If he didn't go, nobody
did. Jannick the musher
was Danish. I almost didn't catch
his name. It was so windy
and the wind was so loud.
"Yah! Gandy, yah!" he sang out.
Also whistled and clicked
his tongue. He stood on skis and slid