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Mary Austin Speaker

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Mary Austin Speaker

Mary Austin Speaker is the author of The Bridge (Shearsman Books, 2016). She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she designs books for several publishers and coedits Society Editions, a new publication project about poetry and power. 

by this poet


            for Chris Martin

To you
through whom

these sudden days
blowse & hum

thirst & quench
a tide of tensing trees

days tick by
beats in a song

my body grows
fuller each day

I think my life
has always been

for this quiet


If music plays with film
then film is an illustration
of music’s movement.
Snap, blast, sever, sever, stop.
Even the dog twitching his ears.

If islands nestle in the ocean,
and a statue rises above the pilgrim,
then we are standing on a cliff
and the pilgrim has reached