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Ken Chen

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Ken Chen is the executive director of the Asian American Writers' Workshop and the author of Juvenilia (Yale University Press, 2010), winner of the Yales Series of Younger Poets.


Ken Chen: The Poetic Impulse

Ken Chen: The Poetic Impulse

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How joyous!, 
passing this time alone 
with your father, how bright his golden laugh 
which drew you to laugh yourself uncontrolled, 
how sweet the happy hour oysters you two pry and eat, 
piling wobbling shells that glisten on the table
while the pianist plays by the kitchen doors. 
You find yourself reminded

Descartes in Love

Love, accepting that we are not pure and lucent hearts, ricocheting towards each other like unlatched stars—no, we are tainted with self. We sometimes believe the self is an invisible glass, just as we believe the body is a suit made of meat. Doubt all things invisible. Doubt all