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Kate Durbin

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Kate Durbin

Kate Durbin is the author of ABRA (1913 Press, 2015). She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Song "I Feel Like Something's Changed" plays over a shot of a sidewalk full of people. The street sign says Sierra Bonita Ave. Shot of a black and white Guess by Marciano

“Left this city for a day,” sings The Feeling. Shot of two men from the waist down on a sunny sidewalk. One in surf shorts holds a blue Powerade; one in white dress pants walks a Lhasa Apso. Shot of a crowd of people on the sidewalk from the waist up. Shot of two blonde girls in pink tank tops and short white

Orlando, Florida

My name is Tara and I’m 55 years old Precious Moments angel statue
I would not classify myself as a hoarder, more of a rescuer of Target receipts
When I first moved in it was just mostly boxes because I was moving in then I tried to unpack but